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2013-05-07 21:52:07 by Unibee

If you guys have ever considered commissioning me, all the info is found here. If you don't want to commission be at the FA forums feel free to message me on this site with the commission form from that thread. poops-Portraits-and-such


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2013-05-08 00:55:36

When I met Tom on Pico Day, I suggested there be some way, other users can patronize certain or all artists, with their own ad-rev page impressions... wish I had the money to spread around :(

Unibee responds:

Yeah, I wasn't sure if I could make a commission thread on the art forum so I just decided against it. I think this is fine though.


2013-05-08 01:32:48

Guess you could look here but what I eventually tell all artists: Work close to home, take a small notebook full of your work, and visit restaurants, hospitals, old age centers, preschools, entertainment centers.. do menus, murals, business card graphics, sandwich boards, t-shirts...
I've got a few 4 foot long, two man saws. Every time I see them in public, they're hanging up in a restaurant somewhere, usually tastefully painted/decorated.. not sawing wood :| As a blue collar guy, I say it better to work smarter than harder, but to get started, you have to diversify and simply get your name (website) out on the street!