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Unibee's News

Posted by Unibee - January 5th, 2019

If you'd like to follow me on other platforms (I post a bigger variety of things there such as w.i.p. shots and sketches) here's where to find me!

Tumblr: http://bruiisedpeach.tumblr.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bruiised.peach/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BruiisedPeach

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BruiisedPeach

Posted by Unibee - August 17th, 2017


Working on my Mob Psycho print

Posted by Unibee - January 29th, 2015

INPRNT is offering free shipping on prints right now! Please considering buying some of my prints!


Posted by Unibee - January 17th, 2015

I’ve finally set up a way to sell prints online~

Get high quality prints of my art at INPRNT!

I will still sell my art at cons. Keep in mind they will be cheaper there AND all proceeds will go to me. But if you know I won’t be in any nearby cons any time soon then please consider purchasing from here. I will be adding any new prints I make for con as time goes by. The only thing I probably won’t have are my stickers/keychains.

But for now, please consider buying from INPRNT! I really really need the cash with the new semester coming up. And signal boosts are appreciated!

Posted by Unibee - January 6th, 2015




More samples on my page

Hey guys~ I’m opening commissions up again. Having to pay for the repairs on my computer put a huge hole in my bank account and I’m also currently unemployed so anything can help.

The prices are per character. The price for the illustration is a base price that you can work off of depending on how complicated you want the piece to be. But the main point of the Illustration piece is that it will be a fully realized concept and not just a portrait.

You can message me on tumblr if you’d like a slot.

I will require a down payment of half the commission price or I won’t start the piece. 

While commissioning me, feel free to ask for w.i.p. shots. I will certainly provide them if I didn’t post them up already.

If you can’t commission me, I’d appreciate a signal boost! Or you can donate to my paypal at MMEVC@hotmail.com Thanks in advance!

Posted by Unibee - May 18th, 2014

So I finally got my facebook artist page set up! Please check it out and like it! There's a new illustration found only on that page!


Posted by Unibee - April 8th, 2014

I WILL be selling at Fanime this year! Just got the acceptance e-mail!

It was very stressful since they announced mere weeks ago that they were changing over to a juried system and I had already bought a non-refundable ticket so I could a discounted ticket.

But luckily it worked out! Thank you jesus. 

I'll be posting the table number as soon as I get it. Please come by if you can!

See you all at Fanime!!!


Also some other cons I will (try) to sell at:

JapanExpo, Yaoicon and Winter SAC-ANIME (this one is confirmed)

Posted by Unibee - July 22nd, 2013

Does anyone sell prints at redbubble?

I'm not sure how it works so I wanna be walked through it. I have a few questions like

- Does redbubble take a chunk of the profit? If so, how much?

- How well do they print? On what paper?

- Is there even a way to see the printed product (in real life)? Do I have to pay to do so?

- Do they ship internationally?

- Allow the sale of NSFW (mainly nudity) content?

If you guys are willing to let me pick your brain just reblog or drop me a message.

Posted by Unibee - May 31st, 2013

So I made an art tumblr which will have lots of progress shots and sketches and doodles if anyone is interested.

Before I would just post stuff to my personal tumblr but since I want to put a tumblr URL on my business cards and my personal blog is waaay too cluttered, I finally caved and just made an art-exclusive tumblr. I'll also post when I livestream on there.


Posted by Unibee - May 18th, 2013

I'm going through a rut with my art so I'd truly appreciate it if you guys gave your honest opinions.

I applied for a scholarship at my college last week and got rejected, which is fine. But the scholarship committee literally copy and pasted the same critique for everyone who got rejected. I know this cause my friend also got turned away got the same response as me, word for word.

All year, I've been failing at all sorts of artistic endeavors I participate in. I don't think it's my technical ability, but I could be wrong. So I'm wondering what do you guys think it is since I can't see to get any proper feedback.

Are my subject matters boring you to tears? Is there no depth or creativity in my work? Am I just vomiting mundane and uninspired stuff? What could I do to improve? What would you like to see from me in the future? Is it actually my technical skill? Should I continue to improve on that?