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Advice please?

2013-05-18 18:56:31 by Unibee

I'm going through a rut with my art so I'd truly appreciate it if you guys gave your honest opinions.

I applied for a scholarship at my college last week and got rejected, which is fine. But the scholarship committee literally copy and pasted the same critique for everyone who got rejected. I know this cause my friend also got turned away got the same response as me, word for word.

All year, I've been failing at all sorts of artistic endeavors I participate in. I don't think it's my technical ability, but I could be wrong. So I'm wondering what do you guys think it is since I can't see to get any proper feedback.

Are my subject matters boring you to tears? Is there no depth or creativity in my work? Am I just vomiting mundane and uninspired stuff? What could I do to improve? What would you like to see from me in the future? Is it actually my technical skill? Should I continue to improve on that?


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2013-05-18 19:37:18

well i dont see why they would reject you. but from what i see your art seems a little boaring, like you just make the stuff so it looks good. its kinda hard for me to explane, but it does not look like you have found what you realy enjoy drawing. i dont know if i am makeing sense but it looks like you just pick up a pencil and draw the most realistic you can. you should try drawing other subjects like fantasy, cartoon people,distorted charecters, or anything you can think of that goes outside the box. although i realy love your art and you should keep up what your doing and if you like what you make keep doing that. dont let anything discourage you

Unibee responds:

Thanks so much, I'll do my best to expand my horizon. My main problem is that certain things like monsters or landscapes just don't come naturally but hopefully doing studies of various things will help it be a little easier to imagine such designs and compositions.


2013-05-18 19:50:19

This will sound odd but I stand by it, its what I do...

Find something that will make you cry, like perhaps a film you've never seen.
Create after you have seen it.

What I do is stir my emotions then play the piano (Since I make music not art).
Thats what I do anyway, sounds odd but it works for me.

Unibee responds:

This is an amazing suggestion! I do react strongly to my emotions, so I feel it will help a lot. Thank you!


2013-05-18 22:02:51

LazyBucks makes a good point: emotionally charged pieces do get attention. There is nothing wrong with your technical ability in the slightest! All the human figures (mostly head shots) you've drawn, are so perfectly arranged/rendered and pleasurable to look at.... I'd have considered you a shoe in, but money (the scholarship) doesn't have an opinion, it's just a tool used by people who have more of it.
I guess the biggest hallmark of art/illustration, is the creation of things that don't exist, or photograph well (if at all). Focus on that for a time.
I wouldn't read into the rejection too much, there probably were better 'credit risks' out there, so the committee went with them, with what little funds were available. Most of the Western world's been in a epic recession since late 2008!!

Unibee responds:

Thank you so much! Your comments mean so much to me, I'm so flattered! I'll definitely follow my emotions and state of mine more for future artworks.


2013-05-19 17:58:26

draw cats

Unibee responds:



2013-05-21 11:43:50

At a quick glance, you've made some pretty amazing artworks. Plenty of creativity too, like your Sweet Decadence. Just keep going! Art's all about passion, from your work it looks like you have plenty.