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2013-07-22 23:35:59 by Unibee

Does anyone sell prints at redbubble?

I'm not sure how it works so I wanna be walked through it. I have a few questions like

- Does redbubble take a chunk of the profit? If so, how much?

- How well do they print? On what paper?

- Is there even a way to see the printed product (in real life)? Do I have to pay to do so?

- Do they ship internationally?

- Allow the sale of NSFW (mainly nudity) content?

If you guys are willing to let me pick your brain just reblog or drop me a message.


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2013-07-23 06:03:09

Go to the Art forum and ask, or (possibly) better yet, try asking in General!


2013-09-06 16:07:30

My brain power doesn't work sorry. :(


2014-02-26 19:42:59

Hello! I just came across your comment I thought I would try and help!
First off - they have a huge forum thing with information that answers all of your questions :D

1. i think they take part of it but you set your own prices
2. i got stickers once and i don't know what kind of paper but they look awesome!
3. im not sure about that one.
4. yes they do! they do charge for shipping though
5. no they don't unfortunately

hope that helps!

Unibee responds:

Thanks so much for the reply~ Unfortunately, I don't think redbubble is the site for me. I'm gonna look into society6 and if that doesn't work out. I'll probably just make a storeenvy and run an online print store myself.