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2014-05-18 15:27:42 by Unibee

So I finally got my facebook artist page set up! Please check it out and like it! There's a new illustration found only on that page!


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2014-05-18 17:25:35

Why- How- That's ridiculously awesome what you've done with the profile pic and the banner and all! Seriously, why am I being so excited about a Facebook-banner? But it looks so eye-candy great! Yet so simple.. I doubt that, how much work did you need for it to be exactly fitting and not looking off and shifted?

Unibee responds:

The premise is simple but it ended up being complicated just cause facebook is terrible. You basically just need to slice the right part of the images in Photoshop but facebook /just/ changed their banner dimensions for a fan page so all the facebook templates onto are really outdated. What I had to do was take a screenshot of a fb fanpage banner and get the dimensions from there and crop from there. There's some nice instructional videos on youtube, but the main thing is to make sure the dimensions are juuust right.


2014-12-29 19:50:46

Just stopped by to wish you a happy and successful new year, and to thank you for all the lovely images you've brought here :3