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2015-01-06 17:49:26 by Unibee




More samples on my page

Hey guys~ I’m opening commissions up again. Having to pay for the repairs on my computer put a huge hole in my bank account and I’m also currently unemployed so anything can help.

The prices are per character. The price for the illustration is a base price that you can work off of depending on how complicated you want the piece to be. But the main point of the Illustration piece is that it will be a fully realized concept and not just a portrait.

You can message me on tumblr if you’d like a slot.

I will require a down payment of half the commission price or I won’t start the piece. 

While commissioning me, feel free to ask for w.i.p. shots. I will certainly provide them if I didn’t post them up already.

If you can’t commission me, I’d appreciate a signal boost! Or you can donate to my paypal at Thanks in advance!


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